What Can I Win?

  • ONE (1) $25,000 First Place Prize.
  • ONE (1) $15,000 Second Prize.
  • ONE (1) $10,000 Third Prize.

All winners will be recognized on the website for the Competition. Awards will be presented at a luncheon to be held September 18th, 2014. Winners must be present to accept awards. The maximum total award distribution for the First, Second, and Third prizes shall not exceed $50,000. All contestants are encouraged to attend the luncheon to gain further knowledge and advice to further their businesses.

NOTE: There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that any business will receive an award. If no entries into the competition meet the entry criteria, if the judges, in their sole discretion, determine that no entry has a reasonable chance for success, or if the judges determine no winner exists for that year of the competition, no award will be made for that year and the award money will be used for the following year’s competition. The odds of winning a prize depend on the skill of the entrants and the number of entries received. All taxes associated with the prize are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. Prizes are not transferable.