Past Competition Winners

2012 — Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies (IPAT)2012 — Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies (IPAT)

IPAT, received first place and $25,000. IPAT is a development-stage company with an atomization process for manufacturing fine titanium and other metal powders, leading to better part quality due to the material’s ability to act much like a fluid. The company was founded in 2012 and is located in Nevada. Pictured: Accepting the award from Mr. Samuel Freeman are Dr. Frank Zambrano, Co-founder, Doug Moore, COO, and Carl C. Edens, Co-founder.

VSI Aerospace2011 — VSI Aerospace

VSI Aerospace, received first place and $25,000. The company combines software and air pressure sensors to alert pilots of trajectory changes, enhancing safety and fuel savings. It was founded in 2008 and is based in Ames. Pictured: Accepting the award from Mr. Samuel Freeman are Dr. Gonzalo Gibson, Co-founder and CTO and Dr. Eddie Orcutt, Founder and CEO.

Energy Control Technologies2010 — Energy Control Technologies

Kenneth Sims, co-founder of ECT

Winning the grand prize was West Des Moines-based Energy Control Technologies. Founded in 2008, the company designs, manufactures and implements automation systems for the oil and gas, biofuels, and industrial and manufacturing markets. ECT’s systems improve operation safety and minimize the amount of energy consumed. ECT received $25,000 for its winning business plan. Pictured: Accepting the award, Danny Cantrell, a co-founder of ECT.

BodyViz2009 — BodyViz

Dr. Isaac Pope, Taylor and Thomas Hodgson, President & CEO of BodyViz

BodyViz, based in Ames, Iowa, creates software that provides vivid 3D visualizations of medical scans on the PC for physician education and surgical planning.

Submittal Exchange2008 — Submittal Exchange

Zachary Reed, President

Submittal Exchange, of Adel, has a comprehensive, secure online system for reviewing construction submittals electronically. The system reduces paperwork, saves resources, and improves collaboration of architects, engineers and contractors on construction projects.

Ensoft Enabling Software2007 — Ensoft Enabling Software

Bailey Pritchard, President, receives award. Samuel Freeman at far right.

Ensoft Enabling Software, spawned by research at Iowa State University’s Knowledge-Centric Software Lab, develops customized tools, provides consulting services and sells software products. Clientele includes major aerospace and avionics companies.

iSEEK Company2006 — iSEEK Company

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President & COO Dr. John Ali and Dr. Jordan Murphy, founder and president of iSEEK Corporation

iSEEK company, led by Iowa State University professors Abir Qamhiyah and Don Flugrad, develops search engines for manufacturing and design companies that sort geometric shapes the way Google searches text.