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All applicants must comply with the Rules of the Competition, which are listed in the right side bar.  If eligible, interested participants may fill out the entry form through Gust under Enter Now.  Please complete the entry form by the June 20th  deadline.

Step #1:  To enter the Iowa Business Plan Competition go the Gust Website and select “Submit Your Company.”  Then fill out the entry form provided.  Please also fill out and submit the Publicity and Liability Release Form to SPITZMAR@niacc.edu before the June 20th deadline.  The competition entry form (essentially an executive summary) will consist of the following sections:

  • Company Overview
  • Primary Location
  • Stage
  • Primary Industry
  • Pitch
  • Date Founded
  • Name
  • Company Website
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Competitors
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Customers
  • Target Market
  • Products/Services
  • Customer Problem
  • Management
  • Financials

Step #2:  The judges will review the competition entries and those selected will be notified of their acceptance to compete.  Those selected to enter the competition will submit a complete business plan by July 24th through the Gust Website.

For more information on important dates the Timeline lists all deadlines and time frames for submissions and other competition proceedings.  If confused or unsure about any part of the Competition, please see the Contact Us page and locate an accelerator near you for assistance.