Frequently Asked Questions

2006 Samuel Freeman Iowa Business Plan Competition

Announcing a new addition to the yearly Venture Capital and Entrepreneur Conference:
Samuel Freeman is funding a new competition to be launched after the first of the year, in January 2006.

What is it? $50,000 in prize money will be awarded to the top three business plans submitted state wide during the competition. $25,000 for first prize, $15,000 for second prize and $10,000 for third prize.

Who is eligible? This contest is open to all new start up companies and is similar to a competition for college students that Samuel funds.

Why a competition? The contest is designed to stimulate business development throughout Iowa and provide support for these business ideas and plans and encourage entrepreneurs with start up seed money. It will also allow the show casing of the many entrepreneurial ideas and focus the state on entrepreneurial activity.

Where do you apply? Applications will be submitted to the JPEC at the University of Iowa for initial screening. Applicants are encouraged to seek assistance from a JPEC, SBDC or Iowa Business Accelerator with their business plans prior to submission.

When are applications due? April 1 through June 30, 2006. Announcement and awards will be presented at the Iowa Venture Capital & Entrepreneur Conference in the fall of 2006.

Who will judge the business plans submitted? The JPEC’s, Equity Dynamics and Samuel Freeman in addition to the SBDC’s, Accelerators, Iowa Business Council and Private Equity partners will make the final selections. An executive summary and personal presentation to Samuel Freeman and the judges will be expected from the finalists, prior to the final decision. This will take place just prior to the Conference.