How Can I Enter?

Step 1. Select “Enter Now” under the “Enter Here” tab.  Fill out the Competition application and upload the Publicity & Liability Release form between Now and June 13th, 2014.The Competition application (essentially an executive summary) will consist of the following six sections: Company Information, Contact Information, Management Team, Company Profile, Questions and Financial Summary. No documents under ‘Add Documents’ section need to be uploaded at this time.

Step 2. The judges will review the competition applications and those selected will be notified of their acceptance to compete on June 25, 2014. Those selected to enter the competition will submit a complete business plan by July 24, 2014. The complete business plan must be submitted to the Iowa Business Plan Competition website under “Business Plan”.

Previous successful business plans range from 15 – 35 pages, although you are not limited to this number of pages. We suggest being succinct with your plan. Your plan should contain:

  • Cover page with name of owner(s), company address, phone, fax, e-mail, website
  • Table of Contents (optional)
  • Business section that includes but is not limited to: type of business, products/services/proprietary information, regulations, facilities, equipment, location, operational needs, and environmental factors.
  • Management section that includes but is not limited to: ownership composition, management structure, managing personnel, key personnel, security, and consultants.
  • Marketing section that includes but is not limited to: target markets, customer segments, competition, market entry, location, industry trends, method(s) of distribution, promotion, and pricing.
  • Financial section that includes but is not limited to: three years of cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets; statement of owner(s)’ equity, and use of proceeds statement.
  • Support documents section that includes but is not limited to: resumes, licenses, and proprietary filings.
  • Format of the document shall fit the following guidelines:
    • Font size between 10 and 12 point.
    • You may use any font you like; however, using one of the following will increase the ease of readability of the plan. Recommended fonts include: Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica.
    • Margins no less than .75, not including header and footer.
    • All pages must be numbered after the cover page.
    • All pages must have either a header or footer stating the name of the business.

All information will be kept confidential, to the extent allowed by law, and is for the use of this business plan competition. We will not provide, sell, or distribute information about your company or your business plan to other parties or third parties.

The judges may require verification of certain information during the review of the business plan. Only complete business plans will be considered i.e. plans including the application, business section, management section, marketing section, and financial section.

Any questions regarding submission of business plans should be addressed to any Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, Small Business Development Center, or Accelerator. Representatives of the Competition will not respond to direct inquiries regarding the contest other than general administrative questions. Businesses are encouraged to consult with a Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, Small Business Development Center or Business Accelerator for assistance/guidance in the preparation of a business plan.