January 10 Announcement for JPIBPC sent
March 1 – April 30 Application and Publicity & Liability Release submitted through Angelsoft.
May 2 – 13 Judges review Application and select top 20
May 18 Phone Conference to discuss and confer next round to submit full business plans
May 20 Send notice to the selected companies to submit business plans to Angelsoft
July 1 Deadline for business plans to be submitted through Angelsoft
July 5 – 22 Plans reviewed by the judges
July 25 Online voting complete
August 3 Phone call to select 7 to 10 companies to present to judges
August 5 The 7-10 companies are contacted to schedule presentations/interviews with the judges.
September 8 The 7-10 companies present to or interview with the judges Review committee selects the final three winners.
September 12 Final three companies are notified they are winners, but not notified of rank. Companies are instructed to prepare a fifteen-minute presentation for Iowa Venture Capital and Entrepreneurs Conference (IVCEC) in Des Moines.
October 25-26 Presentations by three companies during luncheon at IVCEC in Des Moines and awards to follow